Vested in the Industry

Southfork Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2005. Formed by those who operate in the industry, Southfork Solutions brings a powerful mix of experience and vision to the automation of data gathering at all steps in cattle processing.

Built upon values that allow business deals to be sealed with a handshake, Southfork Solutions provides answers to modern cowboys and ranchers. Through creating partnerships, Southfork and clients are rewarded by progress of technology in this manual frontier.

Creation of Southfork Solutions is rooted in on the principle that the increasing of appropriate technology, every business can optimize business processes. Southfork Solutions, Inc. is a technology company for the animal food industry. While technology has become a part of operations in most markets, the animal food industry remain a paper and pen operation.   Through the joint use of traditional medical records and livestock tracking technology, we create a database of information to allow verification regarding quality, handling, and safety of food products.